Bio: Finding the Storyteller's Voice


Growing up as a South Florida native who yearned for adventure, I quickly discovered my outlets in writing and performing. My greatest mode of expression became filling pages of composition notebooks with stories, poems, novels, and scripts. Thankfully, now I can fill my Macbook with screenplays! 

My earliest inspirations stemmed from black-and-white cinema, old school jazz, and vintage fashion. As a child I aspired to be like Shirley Temple. Despite my introverted tendencies, my explorer’s heart found purpose early on through performing: dancing, singing, and acting in theater. However, I soon discovered my passion for working with the camera. I realized how much film can impact people. My desire is to impact audiences in a positive way; make them think, feel, and take something away from what they watch.

I decided to pursue that passion, earning my B.A. in Cinema & Television (Screen Acting track) and Creative Writing from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Refusing to be put in a box, I put my storytelling geared mind to work both on screen and behind the camera. Since graduation, I’ve had exciting opportunities to produce independent films. My experience both on camera and behind the scenes has given me unique insights and training in order to direct talent and lead a crew to achieve the vision. 

As the founder of Open Door Film Productions, my goal is not only to entertain audiences through artistic narrative film and video, but to engage, impact, and inspire. Everything I do is with the intent to help others. I am the Co-Founder of Ur Allure Media Productions, creating content geared towards young women and girls, with encouraging messages of self worth. My love for imparting to children and teens has also extended into my career as an acting teacher and speaker

My goal is to break the mold as a female filmmaker; to produce, direct, write, and star in feature films. Ultimately, inspire others that they can accomplish their dreams with passion and perseverance. I hope to use my gifts to encourage and empower the young people of this generation.