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What is A Joyful Adjustment? 



When peering through the viewfinder of life, all it takes is an adjustment of the lens and the image is made clear before us.

How will you capture this moment?

I've learned to embrace the perspective of finding joy in the changes, instead of resisting them.

This is the journey of a hopeful dreamer, not only trying to make it in the film industry, but impact it.

This is a place of inspiration for remaining joyful on this adventure.


From...finding yummy recipes 
despite food sensitivities.
Owning your personal style 
on a tight budget- 
fabulous finds while thrift store shopping.
Seeing true beauty and value which exists far beyond the mirror reflection. 
Films, music, and literature that speaks to the artist within me.
To...walking out the incredible story God has written for my life.


I hope this blog inspires you to look through your own viewfinder in a new light.

What do you see?



Enjoy the journey  ♥


Jennifer Joy O.



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