full tea cups & empty journal pages

This new year I am thankful for the little things.

I also prepare for the big events ahead. Some planned, others I may not even see yet. But, I am in great expectation. I believe 2014 will be a year of open doors like no other. I only desire the right doors at the right timing. 

I wouldn't call it a resolution, but I make a point to set aside time to read and write while sipping my favorite green tea.  I cherish my collection of unique journals and beautiful mugs. The simple yet invaluable things. 

We should strive to take a moment of quiet time out of every day to write, reflect, and observe, with no other distractions pulling us away. The act of writing our thoughts down on paper seems to be lost due to the open outlet of the world wide web. I personally rather flip back through journal pages to reminisce where I've come from then to scroll through my Facebook timeline. 

At the closing of 2013, I wrote out my goals for the new year. Before doing so I read the goals of years past. All were made with very good intentions of completing them. Some I superseded. Others I never touched. However, the ones I didn't reached, I understand now I was never meant to. In comparison, my current list of goals are so much more focused. I have a clear vision of where I am going. This is because I have gained the revelation of specifically that which I was created for. In the past I would've never thought theses goals would be possible for me to pursue.  And here I am moving forward in a new year with the best yet to come. 


2014 is a new blank page. How will you fill it?