A Poetic Wednesday

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

These past few weeks have been filled with difficult decisions concerning my career. I am in great expectation for what is in store in 2014. As I prepare for the new year, I look back at my previous goals and writings. While working on many creative projects, I realize I don't write poetry as often. I would love to share more new original poetry with you. For now, this is a poem I wrote in 2012.




Rain seeps through the cracks

of old stained glass.

Water pools upon the window sill

bubbles arch above 

magnified dust.


to spill over 

nearing the edge 

but never pours down

to soak 

the already warped floors.


Remain, stagnant

harsh tones which deem 

this dwelling.

The pieces change

dull colored walls 

the same

until prism light

ignites the dust

upon the remnant.


New water finds any entrance in


the entire room to flood,

drench from a single drop

an unsealed split

shatters mirrored glass,


the water spills over.