Epiosode 1

Join me, Jenny, for tea and discussions, interviews or performances about acting, filmmaking, and being a creative. Years ago I made a goal to create more content... but life happened. Between having to create and edit an entire tv series to working on client content, I thought I needed more to shoot and edit, right? But I wanted to share my authentic self with you all. I hope you enjoy! And no it’s not skinny tea lol


Episode 2

This Episode I talk about my goals from years past and what I'm doing to accomplish them now. Tune in for Part II next Wednesday!


Episode 3

This Episode is Part II of a series where I talk about my goals from past years and what I'm doing to accomplish them now.


Episode 4

This week is a health episode about my experience drinking celery juice every day for a month and here's what happened! An honest, raw review of celery juice and my healing journey.


Episode 5

This episode I talk about turning the big 3-0 and in the spirit of '13 going on 30', I share what I would tell my 13 year old self. It gets a little emotional, and a little funny. Sounds like me. lol If you are 30 or 13, somewhere over or in between, please watch this as I think it will resonate with all of you!


Episode 6

This episode I am joined by a special guest: Steve Alejos of Alejos Brand. In only one take he dropped the mic on how to handle being an artist and an business owner. If you are a creative thinking about starting a business or you are already an entrepreneur I think this episode is for you!