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Locations: bROWARD & mIAMI 

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Screen Acting Mentorishp Workshop at RED Digital Cinema Miami

Join us for a creative workshop of mentorship at RED DIGITAL CINEMA in the heart of the Arts District, Wynwood Miami, where we will breakdown barriers to allow your creative imagination to shine in front of the camera! Students will gain the confidence of telling stories honestly on-screen. Each teen will perform their own true-to-life scene to be filmed and screened!

Workshop will cover:

  • What I Convey and Portray - On-Screen and Off

  • ‘I AM’ Discovery - My Voice vs the Voice of the Character

    • Interior - form character

    • Exterior - reveal character

  • Character Objectives - What is your GOAL

    • Flaw to Strength

  • Creating the moment

    • Beginning, middle, and end of the scene

  • Give and build with your acting partner

    • Listening & Responding

    • Give & Take Energy

  • Confidence in Casting

  • Staying in the moment on-camera and on-set

    • Working together with the director & crew

    • RED Camera Demonstration "REDucation"

  • Rehearse & Film each actors True Moment Vignettes

  • Viewing - with positive, constructive criticism from peers

  • Making your mark in the industry


Special offer for first time workshop attendees: $30


Pay online or at the door (cash or check accepted, make checks payable to Open Door Film Productions)


Screen Acting & Casting Workshop at Dance Through the Ages

This workshop is not only a creative outlet, but real preparation; Film and TV industry training. A place for breaking down barriers and allowing their creative imagination to shine in front of the camera. Students will gain an understanding that screen acting is not merely performing but rather listening and reacting. They will learn the values of preparation, being, auditioning/casting, acting-on-camera, industry terms, on-set behavior and truly becoming the character.




Jennifer Joy O'Grady has over six years of professional experience teaching and training young children, teens to young adults in Acting for TV & Film, Acting for Stage, Screenwriting and Film Production. Jennifer earned her BA in Cinema and Television (Screen Acting Track) at Palm Beach Atlantic University.