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Saudade The Series, a SAG-AFTRA new media project produced by Open Door Film Productions LLC in association with J.A.C.E Films & Media. A psychological character-driven drama, about a fatal accident which generates a ripple effect of incidents upon a family, friends and even distant strangers, where each of their resulting choices of revenge or redemption drastically impacts the lives of one another. Each episode navigates through the individual's backstory resulting in their current circumstances and further revealing the web of their connections with each other. 
The Portuguese word 'saudade' means the missing or longing for something or someone lost. However, there is the essence of maintained hope for the return of the missing piece and wholeness within this story. Through this series each character's story portrays this notion with their desire to become whole, struggles with unforgiveness or past traumas, and ultimately their drive to reach their ultimate envisioned dreams.  SAUDADE is a reminder that everyone has a story, and life is far much more than coping.

Saudade the pilot episode "Collide" had the premiere event at Cinema Paradiso on October 19th, 2015 and premiered live worldwide online the same night. Watch the pilot episode, much more content and information on how you can support the series at 


Upcoming Projects

Open Door Film Productions is a Visual Storytelling Company, striving to create uncompromising material with cinematic quality and artistic vision.  We produce original narrative short & feature films, TV shows, web & mini series, from the inception of an idea to bringing it to life on the big (or small) screen. 

We are currently working on original short and feature films in development and pre-production. We are gearing up to begin production for these projects in the near future. 

We are also moving towards production for completing Season One of Saudade.  

To learn more of how you can get involved in our future projects and become a part of our talent & production members database, please send us an email. We would love to here from you!